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Robert Finlayson Hamer is a musician, poet and actor. Robert started his career as a musician at the age of 16 but only later in life did he realise his talents for acting and writing poetry.

The Musician
Robert’s career as a musician has spanned over fifty years. During this time he has played at The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, many other concert halls in the UK and Europe and for the late Queen Elizabeth at Windsor and Buckingham Palaces. Robert’s music is truly eclectic. He is a composer of progressive-rock, classical and jazz piano, is a singer-songwriter whose major influences have been singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, and is a classical clarinettist with a love of playing the chamber works of Mozart, Brahms, Schumann, and other composers from the classical and romantic eras.

The Actor
Robert’s acting career started by accident through a misdirected email to Sarah Davis, the director of a showing of the play The Disputation by Hyam Maccoby. Because of his speaking voice, Robert was called to an audition, passed it, was handed the role of King James the 1st of Aragon and gave his first performance on a London stage acting opposite Isabella Inchbald who narrated the Queen’s personal correspondence in the BBC documentary Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen (2022).

The Poet
Robert’s career as a poet started shortly after he was diagnosed with depression. It was this experience that he drew upon and enabled him to write several poignant poems about his journey.

What’s happening now? Currently, it’s all about the music!

Robert has just released his piano album Eclectic. Eclectic is his album of progressive-rock, classical and jazz piano compositions, written from age eleven up until the present time. It is available for purchase here, as well as on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and soon, many other streaming platforms.

He is currently back in the recording studio and over the next two years, Robert will be releasing here and on all the major platforms, sixty of the songs he has written, most of them during 2022 and 2023. Watch this space!

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Robert Finlayson Hamer


Robert's latest showreel has been filmed specifically for his work in restaurants, hotels and bars and demonstrates his versatility as a musician and entertainer.


Robert’s album Eclectic is available to DOWNLOAD here for £9.99 and on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other main music platforms.

Eclectic is an extraordinary mix of Progressive-Rock, Classical and Jazz piano compositions which chart the progression of 14 of Robert's piano compositions, written from age eleven to the present.
Robert is now back in the recording studio to record 50 of his songs about life, love, loss and gratitude for the journey.

All Eclectic tracks are listed here to listen and to download for £0.99

Trilogy- Litany, Focus, To The Point


Three Daughters Suite- Rebecca, Sarah and Eleanor

The Lake

Waltz in Ab Minor

Russian Train Ride

Park Street

‘Peace’ in E Major

Song Without Words

Fairy Dance




The Relationship

10% of all proceeds from the music purchased and from engaging Robert as a musician will go to The Living Room treatment centre for recovery from addiction, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


In his early career, Robert played regularly for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, performing at many private, State and Civic occasions.
Robert has significant experience in knowing what music is required for each and every occasion. He has also played in function bands for events, receptions and celebrations and has also performed as a soloist at weddings.

Robert can therefore help you choose the perfect music for your special occasion to make your event even more memorable. And because he is linked to other professional musicians going back over 50 years he can call on some of the UK's best session musicians. Any genre of music can be provided from classical, jazz, blues, pop and rock to rap and hip hop.

Please use the contact button below if you would like to chat with Robert about your special event and how he can help you to make it an unforgettable experience.

If you want it, Robert can deliver it!



Please come back here soon to find out about Robert’s upcoming concerts and gigs!


Robert was raised in a musical family. His great-aunt Estelle was a concert pianist who emigrated to the United States, married there and was based in Santa Monica. His mother Kitty was a good pianist and first introduced him to the piano at an early age. She, his father Len and brother Stephen all had beautiful voices. Music was in his genes from the start.

Robert started his career as a professional musician at age sixteen after he had passed his audition to join The Life Guards Band which had its beginnings in 1659 when a number of royalist gentlemen formed themselves to guard the life of King Charles II, shortly after which they were employed to provide music for the monarch. He therefore had the privilege of performing regularly for her late majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle - even meeting Her Majesty briefly on one occasion in the grounds of Buckingham Palace when she was searching for her beloved Corgi dogs! The band toured widely in the UK and Europe and regularly performed at concert venues such as The Royal Albert Hall.

Since leaving The Life Guards Band Robert’s career in classical music has used his talent as a clarinettist, playing music from the classical and romantic eras alongside some of the finest classical musicians in the UK.

If you listen to Eclectic, Robert's new album you will be treated to a vibrant mix of original progressive-rock, classical and jazz piano compositions. You will hear influences as diverse as Mozart, Brahms and Rachmaninov from the world of classical and romantic music, jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and Rick Wakeman of Nice, Tony Banks of Genesis, Richard Wright of Pink Floyd and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull from the world of progressive-rock music.

At age seventeen Robert was given a guitar by a friend of his brother Stephen. He took it home and that weekend wrote his first three songs. Playing the guitar seemed to be instinctive and the impulse to use the instrument to write songs was immediate. Robert’s father Len was a poet, and it was through inheriting his father’s gift of verse, combined with his talent for composing music that the singer-songwriter in him was born. His singer-songwriter album Robert, influenced by the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and Donovan, will be published together with Eclectic in January.